Congratulations to MOMENT Lab students Mai ElSherief and Dana Nguyen on their publications of TWO papers on hate speech analysis at AAAI ICWSM!  16% acceptance rate!


Congratulations to MOMENT Lab undergraduate researcher Dana Nguyen on receiving a Google Lime Scholarship!


Congratulations to MOMENT Lab undergraduate student researcher Dana Nguyen on receiving an honorable mention for the 2018 Computing Research Association's (CRA) Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award!  This is a well-deserved honor!


I am honored to have recently been selected as a recipient of the 2017 N2Women Stars in Networking and Communication award.  Here is the UCSB Press Release describing the award and my research.


My research group is looking for new Ph.D. and MS students to work exciting new projects!  Current students, please contact me.  Prospective students - please apply to the CS Department and send me an email that you saw this post and have applied.


Congratulations to Moment Lab student Michael Nekrasov on the acceptance of his paper to FOCI'17, and to Morgan Vigil-Hayes on the acceptance of her paper to IMWUT (UbiComp'17)!


Congratulations to newly graduated Drs. Vigil-Hayes and Schmitt!  We wish you a wonderful and successful career!


Congratulations to Moment Lab Ph.D. student Mai El-Sherief on her reception of the 2017 UCSB Fiona and Michael Goodchild Graduate Mentoring Award!  Mai is an outstanding mentor of undergraduate students!


Congratulations to Morgan Vigil-Hayes on receiving the Computer Science Department's Outstanding Graduate Student Award for 2017!  Morgan is the third Moment Lab student to win this award in the eight years it has been given!


MOMENT Lab Ph.D. students attended and volunteered at HotMobile 2017.  Thanks to them for all their help in making the workshop a success!