The UCSB Convergence magazine recently had an article about my latest research and funding from NSF and the Rockefeller Foundation on mapping fixed and mobile broadband.


I am leading a panel at the Marconi Society's Decade of Digital Inclusion event on November 2, 2022 titled "Digital Equity: How will we know when we've arrived?"  It promises to be a vibrant discussion on a range of measures of digital equity.  Join us!


HUGE Congratulations to MOMENT Lab members Udit Paul and Jiamo Liu on receiving the Distinguished Paper Award (Best Long Paper) at ACM IMC'22!  Wow!!!  This work is so important and timely given the recent focus on crowdsourced speed test measurements for policy-related decision-making. Our paper argues that using these measurements without understanding their context is problematic. Though the community had internalized that speed-test results can be misleading, no one knew the extent of skews in such crowdsourced datasets. One significant roadblock in contextualizing these measurements...

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Our group recently had two Internet Measurement Research proposals funded by NSF.  One focuses on improving crowdsourced measurements of fixed broadband in order to better characterize Internet access (and is joint with other UCSB researchers).  The other focuses on statistical techniques for better modeling and mapping of mobile broadband coverage and quality (and is joint with researchers at Georgia Tech).  We are very excited to embark on these important projects.  Thank you so much to NSF for funding this work!


Congratulations to MOMENT Lab members Udit Paul and Jiamo Liu on the acceptance of their paper "The Importance of Contextualization of Crowdsourced Active Speed Test Measurements" to IMC'22!  And Thank You to NSF for sponsoring this research and to Ookla for Good and M-Lab for supporting our work with their datasets!


Congratulations to Dr. Vivek Adarsh on becoming the 20th Ph.D. from the MOMENT Lab!  You are off to great things!


Congratulations to MOMENT Lab members Udit Paul, Jiamo Liu, Vivek Adarsh, and undergraduate researcher David Farias-Llerenas on the publication of their paper in ACM COMPASS 2022!  The paper analyzes M-Lab Speed Test data to better understand download speed disparities based on land and user demographics, and the effect on the digital divide.


I am the TPC Chair of the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) 2022!  It promises to be an exciting conference... submit your papers!


A February 2021 article on cnet.com, titled "Millions of Americans can't get broadband because of a faulty FCC map.  There's a fix", features coverage our some of our recent work.  Thank you to Shara Tibken for her well-written article covering this important problem.


Congratulations to MOMENT Lab members Vivek Adarsh and Udita Paul on the publication of their paper "Too Late for Playback: Estimation of Video Stream Quality in Urban and Rural Contexts" in PAM 2021, and thank you to NSF for sponsoring the research!